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I left school after taking a full RSA and Pitman secretarial course in the 6th form of the all girls school I attended in Surrey and obtained first class passes and distinctions. From leaving school on the Friday I started work on the Monday as a trainee audio typist in a typing pool for a large insurance company in Croydon. It didn't take me long to realise that for speed and accuracy I earned extra money and so my skills were finely tuned.

I moved from being in a typing pool to being an administrative assistant to becoming a PA at board level. Word processing was quite new when I first started out and audio was dictated into hand held machines for micro cassettes or sometimes full sized audio tapes.

I set up working from  home when I was pregnant with my first child (29 years ago) and did work for a local business owners, typing up their letters and invoices. I set up an online virtual assistance business in 2002 after I created my first website and before long I had enquiries coming in via the internet.

After some time working as a virtual assistant I realised my passion was for audio transcribing as it is absorbing and very rewarding to produce accurate transcripts. Along with the help of my husband we soon worked out how to convert standard analogue cassettes and micro discs to digital audio for transcription. I was one of the few companies that offered transcription from micro discs and also realised quickly that clients needed to know how much their audio would cost to transcribe and the industry standard per hour typing rate didn't help them at all. I knew how long it took to transcribe and proof read clear audio from experience and I devised a per audio minute rate that enabled clients to know in advance what was going to be charged. That is now industry standard but it wasn't when I first started out.

When I first started the online business my DeeWP (Dee's Word Processing) business enjoyed being placed in the first three entries of Google. I give God the glory for that as I don't know how I managed that!

I soon had a few regular clients that led to a stream of clients and more work than I could handle alone. I knew others who were transcribing from home and I asked a few trusted people if they wanted to join  me if I started up another company. I would be the project manager and first point of contact and I would organise the work amongst the teams.

My aims all along were to allow others to be blessed to work from home like I did, to have peace of mind that clients were getting access to professional transcribers and that home transcribers didn't feel isolated. Working from home and choosing your own hours is extremely rewarding but the downside is you miss out on the usual interaction you get in an office.

The team grew to 20 freelancers and alongside DeeWP, Audiosec Limited was thriving. Life has changed a lot in those years since the business began and if you read the personal section to the right you will see why the business has had to change and is in the process of being re-invigorated.

My old website of DeeWP offered services to everybody and anybody who needed transcription but now I specialise in PACE transcription. This is my two favourite work-type/client-type and with the aim to continue to enjoy the work I do and keep passionate about it I have found my niche in the transcription market. Audiosec Limited will continue to offer transcription services to whatever industry requires it as the team is diverse and able to take on as much work as the industry demands. For me, it's verbatim transcription all day every day.

In  a modern cyber-world of social media and instant access to business online I can promise you one thing - for all the new technology I thrive on these days my business ethics are very old fashioned...I work to produce the standards you would expect to receive when paying for a service and I aim to give you peace of mind that you have chosen a trusted professional.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I became a follower of Jesus when I was 15 and my brother was 17, after he had committed suicide and at that age I asked that if God existed he would get me to church, to prove his existence, without my parents worrying about my sudden interest in 'religion'. This is very much part of my personal information as, for me, this is where my life really began. Without going into lots of details, over the years there's been a lot of healing and reshaping of my life that wouldn't have happened without having a personal relationship with Jesus. I met my husband Mike at church when I was 16 and he was 21 and four years later we married and five years after that had our first child.

We moved to Dorset in 1990 with our baby daughter, with another baby on the way. I carried on word processing for local businesses in the Dorset area.

We moved to a bigger house as the family grew and by the time child number four was due to start school the world of internet-based businesses was on the rise. In 2002, with the encouragement of my hubby, I created my first website and became an online virtual assistant.

If you have read the professional information on the left you will know about the business side of things and this section is about what went on behind the scenes of the business and why the business of DeeWP is being re-launched in 2018.

Mike was made redundant after working for the same company for 15 years and as both my businesses were doing well thankfully we kept our head above water whilst he looked for another job. It was several months before the right job came along and in that time I became totally engrossed in the business, excited by the amount of work that was coming in and not putting sensible boundaries in place. I burnt the candle at both ends so-to-speak and literally became burnt out in all sorts of ways.

I slowed down the pace out of necessity and the websites began to slip on their placements in Google and I handed the running of the project management of Audiosec Limited to two of the team and I concentrated just on my sole trader business. Between 2006 to the present day Mike and I have also been short term missionaries to Estonia, taking trips out to the country 3 or 4 times a year to bring encouragement to people and be used by the Lord in whatever way He chooses. With me working from home, with the 'feast and famine' scenario of being self employed, we can testify of God's provision when the business has been slow - He sends us and He provides for the trips so it isn't all about me working like a mad thing as I did in the past!

Then after a trip to Australia to visit her twin sister my mother-in-law was due to return to the UK and was not well enough to go back to living on her own in her house in Surrey. Without hesitation I said we should look after her. She had COPD and Alzheimer's and I agreed to give up DeeWP to look after her full time in our home. It was a blessing to have her with us, not always easy but the right thing for her and us.

Mum number 2 lived with us for 18 months before dying peacefully in her sleep. It has taken me a good 18 months I think to recover from being a full time carer and to go back to working from home.

I know that my calling is to work from home. I have tried to re-enter the corporate world as a PA Secretary/Administrator and isn't for me. I thoroughly enjoy the uninterrupted peace of putting a pair of headphones on and transcribing. I can't get enough of it and it isn't just about the money these days but the quality of life it brings me. I share my office with two cats and a lovely golden retriever, who makes life working from home less lonely. I work evenings, daytimes, Saturdays and Bank Holidays if the deadlines demand it. I don't get bored or feel I'm not earning my wages like I used to sometimes in an office where there are days it feels one does more talking on the phone or to colleagues than getting actual work done.

Being my own boss is fantastic. I can work my life around my clients. I truly get a buzz out of the variety of the work and the compliments I get from clients about me as a person being so helpful and the astonishment at how well I have transcribed their audio is so rewarding. 

If you knew me well you'd know I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet and I blush at compliments but this is my website and how can you know about me if I don't speak up for myself?

I would be truly delighted to work with you to produce your transcripts. I don't charge exorbitant prices because I don't want you to go elsewhere just because of pricing - I really enjoy what I do and if you work with me you'll be pleased with the work I produce for you. 

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